Q: What's the program about and how does it benefit our town?

A: The Support-A-Beach Program is similar and simple in nature to highway litter support programs that are becoming more and more popular. We at Support-A-Beach want to reduce litter on your beaches and pay your town a commission at the same time. We supply your town with our patented device FREE and supply monthly revenue generating sponsors as well. Our growing list of environmentally conscious sponsors are anxious to participate in civic-minded, litter-reduction campaigns on public beaches just like yours. As result, participating Municipalities have been reporting a 20% minimum reduction in litter from our sponsored anti littering campaigns.

Q: How did you achieve a 20% reduction in litter?

A: Reporting municipalities have documented a 20% minimum reduction in litter. This has been achieved through the use of the "Please Don't Litter" message which is required to be part of each imprint. Municipalities are discovering that the imprints are being perceived as a signature left behind by their beach cleaning crew. Hence, beach visitors are responding to the crews' cleaning efforts realizing it is on their behalf and for their enjoyment.

Q: I'm nervous, what kind of reaction has it gotten from the public?

A: They love it! Most people think "It's Cool!" They like the fact that so much care and effort is being given to manicure the beaches. Since our launch in 1998, we have received thousands of compliments and endorsements from the public, municipal employees, press and others.

Q: How does the program work?

A: Your Municipality and Support-A-Beach enter into an agreement. Our sponsors' message, along with your "Please Don't Litter" public service reminder, gets approved first by your town. Your town has final say on what does or does not get printed on your beach. Our message equipped Support-A-Beach device then attaches to your beach-cleaning vehicle. During daily beach cleaning, our device gently grooms and impresses the sand leaving behind it a beach full of 4' x 12', environmentally safe messages along with thousands of "Please Don't Litter" impressions.
No inks, dies or colors are ever used. As the day passes, beach patrons naturally walk over the impressed messages, thus fading them into nothing more than footprints in the sand.

Q: How much revenue can be generated and who finds the sponsors?

A: Your beach's size, demographics, active season, capacity for multiple machines, location and desirability to sponsors are all determining factors. Each Municipality is asked to fill out a Support-A-Beach Data Sheet. It is a questionnaire that addresses all of these topics. Upon its return, review and approval, an estimate of revenue is submitted to your Municipality along with a formal proposal. Upon an approved agreement, Support-A-Beach pays the monthly revenue to the Municipality and supplies the Sponsors.

Q: How much beach is impressed daily and for how long?

A: Your beach is assigned Beach Imprint Zones. A Beach Imprint Zone is a stretch of beach that is approximately 1/2 mile in length by 200-250 feet wide. On average, between 3000-5,000 imprints are produced within a Beach Imprint Zone daily. A Beach Imprint Zone has only one sponsor supporting it per month or longer if desired.

Q: What does the machine cost, who operates and maintains it?

A: We supply your town with our patented device FREE. We train your beach cleaning operator how to work our device behind his beach cleaner and change the engraved imprint mats. We service, insure and hold title to the device.

Each imprint is made from beach sand, thus, making it 100% environmentally safe. No inks, dies or colors are ever used. Each imprint is produced from an engraved Imprint Mat that is 12' x 4'x ½" deep in size. One Imprint Mat is attached to one Imprinting Machine per Beach Imprinting Zone.

Beach locations are divided into Beach Imprint Zones.

Each Beach Imprint Zone is approximately 1/2 mile long by 200-250 feet wide which is covered with the imprints daily. On average, between 3000-5,000 imprints are produced within the 500,000-660,000 square foot Imprint Zone, per day.

$19,000 NET. Price is based on one month, per Beach Imprint Zone.
Currently, all Beach Imprint Zones are within 10% of this price.
Slight fluctuations may occur based on demand, month or beach peculiarity. (Pricing is subject to change without notice)

We do offer discounts for multiple month Beach Imprint Zone buys.
Please contact your Account Rep.

$3,000 NET for first engraved Imprinting Mat.
$2,500 NET for each engraved Imprinting Mat thereafter with same creative. (Pricing is subject to change without notice)

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